clandyjones (clandyjones) wrote,

25 Icons for you to enjoy (:

Icon post, I spoooose.


No Hotlinking
Comment if you take any (which isn't likely xD)
uhhh oh ya, credit is nice but not required.

Have I mentioned that I fucking loooove Simon Pegg?
Tags: dean winchester, iconing, icons, jared padelecki, jensen ackles, sailor moon, sam winchester, shaun of the dead, spn, supernatural, twilight, x men, x-men, xmen
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Deleted comment

ahaha yeah, those ones are my favourite too xD
Although I really dislike number 23 lololol.
It's over sharpened and the colouring is horrendous baha

I was watching Shaun of the Dead last night and decided I absolutely needed to icon it.

Deleted comment

I have more SM icons laying around somewhere aha
Shaun of the Dead icons! Awesome.

These are great.
x3 thank you!

I'm toying with the idea of creating an iconing community :p
I'd say do it!
xD I'm creating it right now. It's called smith_andwesson aha
Adding it!
Oh man, Shaun of the Dead AND Sailor Moon. Major <3. Well done!

I also recently started fiddling with icons, but I've been a glorified, cropper whereas these have clearly been crafted. If you make one, I'll be sure to check it out!
smith_andwesson is the comm name. :3

I've been making icons for a long time haha.
I do random graphic design for a few other websites lol.
I've been without internet forr like 8 months previously, so I'm a bit rusty though.
Thank you babe! The first few made me lol but they all look fantastic! I've swiped each of the Dean ones <3 !
Thank you much, as I will surely be enjoying :)